We develop innovative inks and customised solutions for digital printing.

Regular inks and products


The result of our continuous research to provide products of unbeatable quality.

Customised inks and products


Comprehensive consultancy to produce products based on your company’s needs.

The SARI Research Centre


The Laboratory where our chemists work on next-generation inks and solutions.

Twenty years’ experience in the development of digital printing inks and printing aids.

Who are our customers?

Printshops, printing houses, digital printing companies of all kinds. We provide advice on all issues. We have grown to have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Experience and ability to create new products

Our product range represents the highest quality on the market. The added value is the difference our inks and adjuvants can make to your business.

A dedicated laboratory

Our Laboratory is the company’s new backbone. With it we have completed the range of services, being able to test and develop in-house the next products for the digital printing industry.

Dynamic consulting

We don’t just rely on our standard product range. We understand your problem and solve it by putting them to the test.


We work with the customer to achieve their goal.


We find the solution to your problems within the set deadline. We test our products in your company.


We aim for your satisfaction. We keep our customers loyal thanks to the commitment and quality of our inks and adjuvants.