We know the market, its upcoming developments and needs. We already have the best product range today. We combine this with consulting and an in-house laboratory. All-round service in close cooperation with the customer.

We listen

We analyse your request


We work out a solution


We indicate which product to adopt or develop a tailor-made one


You will be able to assess the qualities of our products immediately

Overcome with us the problems that prevent your company from growing and providing top quality printing.

We know our industry thoroughly and the many players in it.

20 years of wide-ranging and proven experience in solving problems of any kind that may affect the quality of work commissioned by your customers.

With our chemists and the dedicated instrumentation in our laboratories, we can analyse all projects and work out the best solutions to the problems that may arise in your business.

A laboratory dedicated to the testing and development of our new products

The SARI Technology Laboratory was set up with the precise aim of studying and developing continuous solutions to optimise digital printing inks (primers, colours, protectors), pad printing and screen printing supports. The specialisation and professionalism of our chosen collaborators allows us to focus on innovative results aimed at offering the best possible quality and reliability of SARI Technology products. The added value of the SARI Technology Laboratory is the ability to develop ad hoc solutions for companies with specific requirements.