Sure Color


Water-based inks for Epson SURE COLOR T3200/5200/7200 SERIES and P 6000/8000/9000 SERIES plotters
Water-based inks perfect for Epson printheads
These inks are highly pigmented, making the prints extremely resistant to UV agents and water.

• Odour-free ink
• Perfectly compatible with Epson printheads
• Excellent print quality
• No need of special ICC print profiles
• 100% mixable with original inks, they are perfectly compatible
• Colour range very similar to the original
• High cost savings compared to the originals
Guaranteed outdoor durability like the originals


Available in closed cartridges and bulk colour in bottles
• 1 L bottles
• 350 ml and 700 ml cartridges

Operating specifications

Temperature 18-28°C
Relative humidity 40% to 70% RH
1 litre pack cartridges and 350 ml cartridges