Ecosolvent 1 inks

High compatibility and colour quality

Perfect for Epson DX-4 / DX-5 / DX-6 /DX-7 printhead

Eco-solvent inks are perfectly compatible with ROLAND/MUTOH/MIMAKI plotters or Hybrid plotters with Epson DX-4 /DX-5 / DX-6 /DX-7 printheads. These inks are highly pigmented, making the prints extremely resistant to UV agents and any mechanical action on them (scratching, rubbing, etc.). They also have a high colour brilliance.


1 L bottles, 440 ml and 220 ml cartridges, 2 L bag.


• Brilliance
• Medium drying
• Less maintenance required, due to less fouling created compared to commercial products
• Customisable packaging on request. Available: bottles, cartridges with multiple capacities and 2 l bags.
• Odour-free ink
• Perfectly compatible with Epson DX-4 /DX-5 / DX-6 /DX-7 printheads, no nozzle clogging problems
• Excellent print quality
• No need of special ICC print profiles
• Colour range very similar to the originals
• High cost savings compared to the originals
• Guaranteed outdoor durability

Operating specifications

Temperature: 18-26ºC Relative humidity: 40% RH to 70% RH.
Pack: litre and/or cartridges, bags.
Printer model compatible with all plotters: Roland /Mutoh/Mimaki.