SS21 inks

Compatible with Mimaki jv33 / cjv30 series plotters

High compatibility and colour quality

New colours available

• Orange
• Light Black
• White

Perfect for Epson DX-4 /DX-5/DX-6/DX-7 printhead
Solvent inks are perfectly compatible on many types of Mimaki plotters with epson DX-4/DX-5/DX6/DX7 printheads.
These inks are highly pigmented, making the prints extremely resistant to UV agents and any mechanical action on them (scratching, rubbing, etc.).


• 440 and 220 ml cartridge including chip
• 2L bags with chip
• 1L bottle


• Inks compliant with European regulations (1999/45/EC European Certification Regulation)
• Practically odour-free ink
• Perfectly compatible with Epson DX-4/DX-5/DX6/DX7 printheads, no nozzle clogging problems
• Excellent print quality
• No need of special ICC print profiles
•100% mixable with original ss21 inks, they are perfectly compatible
• Colour range very similar to the originals
• Cost savings of up to 50% compared to the originals
• High colour density, bright and vivid colours and excellent colour range

Operating specifications

Temperature: 18- 26°C
Relative humidity: 40% RH to 70% RH
Pack: 440ml and 220ml cartridge including chip, 2L bag with chip
Printer model compatible with Mimaki: jv5 / jv33 / cjv30 / CJV150 / JV300